Our new coating facility is equipped with the best possible production equipment and is built to meet current and future high environmental standards.

In addition, the heat produced in the production process is recycled and reused to heat the building.

We work in modern, bright facilities and a vital resource is our staff with their high competence and long experience.

In order to develop and be able to get the highest quality in our coated slats, we work closely with our paint supplier, Akzo-Nobel. Through this collaboration, we have access to Akzo-Nobel technology, to get the best quality for the coated Venetian slats.

OPL develop new solutions

Constructs to improve the blinds, such as sunprotection, privacy protection and energy saving in cooling and heating. OPL offers production equipment and special tools, which allow the blinds to be more energy-efficient.

Reducing energy consumption in buildings has been prioritised even more after scares from the green house effect are increasing daily. The materials in the blinds are composed mainly of aluminum - steel - plastic - textiles. All these materials are recyclable, which is beneficial to the environment.

We also produce blind machines -tools and equipment for the blind industry. Our versatility and knowledge has made OPL one of the leading producers of venetian blind machines based on electronic system and are user-friendly and sustainable.

OPL offer good service and spare parts are obtained in a short deliverytime. OPL also give advice to new clients and offer training and education.